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4 ways to help engage employees during the climate crisis

What is it for?

The psychology of motivating staff is a deep and complex subject. This guide will give you some of the basics about what can, and also does not, motivate people in relation to climate change.

How does it help me?

  • The more ideas you can look at to engage and motivate staff, the more likely you will find things that you think will work in your own workplace.
  • Start here but you ,may end up looking at a vast spectrum of creative ideas. Game theory is big in this field and many commercial services offer gamified apps to motivate and reward staff.

SSN's tips for users

  • Start simple - you need to match your organisations actions with your staff culture.
  • Something that works in one sector, may not work in yours.
  • Whilst behaviour change must be led from the top, don't forget to harness the enthusiasm and creativity of all staff.
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