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Who We Are

Sheffield Sustainability Network is a network of businesses and organisations who are working together to share lessons learned, experience and knowledge, and report progress in their drive to become more sustainable. 

Whether your organisation is looking into collective purchasing for cheaper sustainable products, to deliver net zero, to shift its business practices to help stay competitive, prioritise sustainable solutions or find a network of like-minded businesses, SSN has the resources and network that you’re looking for.

Founded by three local business owners, SSN is an organisation that exists to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences as well as providing access to a platform of knowledge and support from which local businesses and organisations can benefit and support each other in their shared goal of becoming more sustainable. 

Aims and Objectives

To provide all organisations in Sheffield with the support to become sustainable through member events, knowledge and skill sharing and access to a sustainability self help tool.

Sharing Knowledge and Resources

SSN provides a platform to enable local businesses to pool our information and efforts. This enables us to share knowledge and skills to support other businesses no matter where they are in their sustainability journey. 

Who Can Join?

Any representative of a business or organisation within the Sheffield City Region or close by that wants to work with, learn from or share knowledge with others to deliver a sustainable economy.

Why Should I Join?

  • Just starting out? our members collectively have a lot of experience with sustainability – in terms of successes and lessons learned. If you are a business, charity or other organisation who is keen to act more sustainably but don’t know where to start, join us! 

  • Facing challenges in driving sustainability forward? If you recognise the need to be more sustainable in order to stay competitive, remain profitable, and attract the best talent, the network will be able to help debate your ideas and challenges.

  • Share your experience: If you have sustainability expertise or a journey and learning experiences that you wish to share we would love you to join our network. Businesses and organisations learn best from peer to peer support and the network is set up to do just that. 

Working together for a sustainable Sheffield
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